Annual Subscriptions and Membership Categories

The Membership runs from April to March inclusive. Any new member joining on or after 1st October in any year shall be effective for the remainder of that year and the whole of the following year.

SINGLE – Adult membership. Members will be expected to be active sailors and are required to participate with the OOD & Safety boat rota as per the Sailing programme page on the website.

FAMILY – As per Full Membership. Shall consist of a maximum of two adults residing at a single address and any children for which either adult is legally responsible. Children of a family membership become youth members of the Club. A child is defined as being under the age of 18 years.

YOUTH – being a person who, at the date of election, is between the ages of fourteen years and twenty years of age or, if in full time education fourteen and twenty-five years.

ASSOCIATE – being a person who though not a regular sailor is either an active member of the Club by virtue of their making a contribution to the running of the club, or is a former active member of the club, or is from the immediate family of an existing active sailing member.

TEMPORARY HOLIDAY – For those who are visiting or holidaying in St Austell and have an interest in sailing, Temporary Membership of Porthpean Sailing Club is available. Further details are available on request from the membership secretary.

Admission procedure

To become a member, please complete a Membership Application Form. You can download the form from this page. You will then need to find members to propose and second you. Proposers will be existing members who have themselves been members for at least two years. If you do not know a member, please speak to the Membership Secretary who can usually arrange for you to meet some members. Please see the committee page on the website for detail of the current Membership Secretary.

Once you and your sponsors have completed the form, take it to the clubhouse or send it to . The completed application form will be entered into the Register of Applicants for consideration at the next committee meeting. Payment will not be requested until your membership application is approved.

Membership typeStandard Fees*Discounted Renewal Fees**
Family Membership£169.60£148.40
Single Membership£140£118.80
Associate Membership£63.60£56.20
Youth Member (aged 14-25 in full time education)£25£25
Temporary Holiday Membership£35 per weekN/A
Dinghy Parking (includes Trailer parking which must be clearly identified)£70£70
Canoe Storage (For active sailing club members)£30.80£30.80