Murder Mystery Social

On Saturday 17th February PSC hosted our 1st ever Murder Mystery social evening courtesy of 🔎🔎Murder By Appointment SW 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️ that kept members on the edge of their seats as they delved into the tangled web of the local MP’s wrongdoings.
Despite the stormy weather outside, the club saw a fantastic turnout of members eager to solve the mystery and enjoy an evening of intrigue. Actors portraying various characters involved in the scandalous affairs (both political and emotional ) mingled with guests, keeping them guessing and answering questions about the unfolding drama. Attendees enthusiastically interrogated the actors, piecing together clues and forming theories about the nefarious deeds of the MP.
Amidst the intense investigation, guests indulged in a lavish buffet, savouring delicious delicacies and exchanging theories over plates piled high with a delectable array of canapés.

As the evening drew to a close a scream was heard and the murder was committed!

Members debated the various characters until eventually deciding on a culprit using their ballot papers.
Gasps filled the room as the guilty culprit was revealed, exposing the intricate layers of deception and betrayal woven throughout the evening’s narrative.

🍾🍾Tony & Lynn, Jill and Paddy emerged as prize winners, having correctly deciphered the clues and solved the mystery. 🍾🍾Their keen observational skills and deductive reasoning were rewarded, adding an extra layer of excitement to the already unforgettable evening.
The Murder Mystery evening at PSC proved to be a resounding success, leaving us highly entertained and intrigued.
Your Social Sec, Isobel 🧐

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