Bangers & Mash & yoghurt pots

After a busy sailing summer and putting on the Osprey Nationals it was time for Porthpean club members to have a bit of fun.

I put out the usual email letting everyone know what was happening and over 30 club members joined in a good get together at the sailing club.

I had decided to do a meal of Bangers & Mash with Mushy Peas and Gravy.

Doing that amount of potatoes takes some peeling and mashing but eventually it all came together and the ovens were put to good use cooking all the food.

Once everyone had made good use of the well stocked bar and taken their seats the food was served by the busy galley crew.

The banter was good natured and as the evening progressed, I thought it was time forĀ a fun game that we could all take part in.

I had been collecting empty yoghurt pots (500g size). Teams of four played a balancing game of stacking and carrying the pots 4 at a time the length of the club.

That sounds simple, but having been drinking and eating all night it was harder than it seemed.

I have to admit that although it was against the clock and with a competitive edge, the laughter that was ringing round the room indicated that this was a really good idea and I think enjoyed by all.

My thanks to all that helped during the evening.

Photos were taken to show a clubhouse put to good use, see below.

Tony Soc.Sec

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