Changing Rooms Renovation

The changing rooms, though functional, were starting to look rather dated, the benches and duckboards were all starting to perish, coat pegs were breaking and the shelving was groaning with people’s left over belongings . The Ladies changing room in particular only had one toilet and one shower, so a decision was made at Committee level to look into a major renovation. Plans were drawn up, materials costed and to keep costs to a minimum it was decided that there was enough skills and workers in the Club to undertake the project.

Steve Wingrove and Andrew Kendall (seemed to me) took on the responsibility of Project Leaders, very ably assisted in the main by Jenny Kendall, Pete & Jan Barnes, Brian Phillips, Colin Wainwright, Tony Dunn and Ken Fobbester. I know that there were others from time to time who also worked on the project and I apologise if I have missed their names.

Work started at the beginning of the year and it didn’t take too long to strip out the old benches, showers and toilets. Then the really hard work started. Trenches were dug and new pipes laid and connected for new sewerage; some walls were treated for damp and battened and covered with a PVC material to leave smooth, easy to clean surfaces. Copious supplies of sand and cement were delivered, followed by all the other bits and pieces necessary to complete the project. New toilets and new showers were installed. The Ladies changing room was treated to an extra toilet and shower. The floors in places were re profiled to prevent water accumulating in pools round the edges and then the floors were treated to a new waterproof covering. New benches throughout were made from decking PVC materials, to avoid rot and splinters!! and hung on new brackets.

The electrical system was modified to cater for the new, more powerful, showers and provision for a future 3 phase supply was installed. Walls, wood work and doors were rubbed down and repainted.

The hand rail round the decking was rotting away in places and Colin & Tony replaced all the wood with the same material used for the changing rooms.

A new “whiteboard”, has been sponsored and provided by May Whetter & Grose, for course and sailing matters and has been fixed to the external wall outside the gents.

Tons of debris and rubbish were removed via skip hire and over several weeks the changing rooms have been slowly transformed from a dowdy, run down state, into a fantastic new facility ready for the 2016 season.

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