Galley Replacement

Yet another major project, again designed and costed by Colin Wainwright has provided another very valuable update to the Club house.

Over 20 years ago the galley was relocated from its location on the upper deck of the Clubhouse to its present location by the entrance door. New units were fitted at the time and the galley has provided countless meals, food and drink over the years.

That Kitchen (Galley) has served the club very well indeed. However, there comes a time when modernisation seems the logical step forward. The existing kitchen was starting to look old and dilapidated and the appliances were also showing their age. It was with that in mind that the committee decided to commission a replacement.

Colin was instrumental in drawing up plans and setting the ball rolling. Quotes were obtained, and after much discussion and consultations it was decided to buy kitchen units from a local firm, Kettles Kitchens.

At the start of 2014 the old galley was stripped down and ripped out and the area made good. A team of Volunteers!! Tony Dunn (fitting) Brian Phillips (Plumbing) Nigel Dowrick (Electrics), were to work with Colin to see the job through.

Once the new units arrived, it was left to Colin and Tony to assemble where necessary and fit them. A team from Kettle kitchens came in to cut and fit the work tops when the base units had been installed. Whilst the kitchen was having its re-fit it was also decided to update the hot water system within the club. Brian was left to change the club’s plumbing system to accommodate two under-sink water heaters; one to supply the Galley and the Gents changing room and one unit to supply the Bar and the Ladies changing room. The new energy efficient heaters will save the Club money in the long term.

Nigel re-wired the Galley and added extra lighting. New cookers, microwave, wall tiles and floor covering were added to complete the project. The completed result shows a remarkable transformation as the attached photo’s show the work involved through the various stages from start to completion.

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