Conservatory Refurbishment and Roof re-tile

In 1961 the clubhouse was altered to it’s present form, and in 2003 the balcony was changed to extend the internals of the clubhouse and it gave a conservatory effect inside.

Over the past five years or so problems have occurred with water seeping into the clubhouse on stormy days, particularly when an easterly wind was blowing. The probable leaks were put down to old roof tiles and the main jointing section between the roof and conservatory.
Re-tiling of the roof had been talked about over the years and by the winter of 2019/2020 the decision was made to have the roof re-tiled and at the same time renew the conservatory roof.
As this was to be a major re-fit, timing was essential. This is where fate intervened by way of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Instead of the Sailing Club opening at the end of March for the 2020 season, it had to be shut down completely for an indefinite period. All major works were also put on hold.
As the months rolled by it was possible for contractors to come to PSC to do work.
In July, H & H Scaffolding of Bodmin erected scaffolding, encasing the exterior of the club with poles. (Very thorough).
In August Graham Barker Roofing Company did a fine job of removing the old tiles and replacing them with smart new ones. Other minor upgrades were also done to the roof by them.
It was decided that the Conservatory roof could be replaced by a team of volunteers from the club membership led by the Works Manager, Steve Wingrove. He did the measurements and costings and the necessary aluminium frames and spars together with Polycarbonate sheets were ordered.
There was a delay whilst the top section of the scaffolding was removed but eventually a week in September was chosen for the PSC team to replace the conservatory roof.
First the old roof had to be removed and at the same time the end wall of the clubhouse would get some attention. Over a few days ‘The Team’ met at PSC and did their stuff. The old roof didn’t want to leave PSC but eventually conceded defeat and was replaced. Once all the trims were fitted and new guttering installed the ‘Job’ was complete.

A big thank you must go to Steve Wingrove ably assisted by Paul Hopson, Tony Dunn, Ken Fobbester, Jez Turner and Pete Barnes.

The club is now dressed in a very smart roof and shiny conservatory.
All that is needed now is hope for the future well-being of everyone connected with Porthpean Sailing Club so that the facilities can be enjoyed.

Some photos were taken during the project and can be viewed below.

Report by Tony Dunn

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