Decking Renovation

The original timber decking was constructed in autumn 2007. 11 years of heavy usage and the ravages of the salty sea air took it’s toll on the wood and it was decided by the committee that the top platform had to be replaced.
Colin our trusty Works Manager got his thinking cap on and started drawing plans.
He did his costings and decided that concrete to replace all the wood was the way to go. The plan was to be a block and beam base with slabs to finish before putting the railings and glass back on.
The old decking was removed by club members (The wrecking Team). It was disposed of by Jeremy having a ‘ Big Burn ‘ in the field.
Dave Cobbett built strengthening walls ready for the block and beams. These were fitted by the project club team.
Dave and Tony laid the top layer of slabs. Brian had to re-jig the posts before re-fitting.
It all came together with the railings and glass panels back in place.
Another project completed.
Big thanks must go to all those that gave their time and effort to make this possible.
Below are some pictures that capture the renovation process.Click on any to enlarge.

Report by Tony Dunn.

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