Chocolate quiz night

It’s not about the numbers, it’s the quality (Street) that counts.

And so it was that a gathering took place at the sailing club for a quiz. Not a packed clubhouse but a jovial crowd that knows how to have fun. I had a quiz sorted. Forty questions all relating to chocolate.

Once all seated, quiz sheets were handed out and the room went very quiet. The teams got their thinking caps on trying to think of chocolate bar names from the clues. Some found it harder than others, one saying they had not been near the chocolate aisle in years.

Whilst all this was going on, Lynn brought round plates of mince pies for all. She had been busy earlier in the day to make sure we all had a nibble during the evening.

By looking at the photo’s below you will see what I meant by concentration – these are actions shots!

At the final count there was not much to separate the teams. Scores from 36 to 40. The winning team were awarded with, what else but chocolate bars.

Jenny Pope also helped the fun along by bringing a game to the clubhouse. A set of large playing cards. They were propped up in a row facing backwards. The idea was to try and guess which card was higher or lower than the previous one. Individuals stepped forward to try their luck.

After several had tried and failed to guess the correct order, it was Lynn who was the winner. Jenny had donated the prize, a nice bottle of wine.

It didn’t end there. Jenny also walked the room with a lovely tray of Sushi and dip. Probably another first for Porthpean, a delicacy to try for some. Very nice, very tasty.

Thank you all that made for a good night of entertainment.

Tony  Soc. Sec.

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