Quiz Night

Socials in the clubhouse at Porthpean have started up again.
So I organised a quiz night for entertainment. Lynn thought it a good idea to make a hot dessert for the attendees.
Despite the weather on the day, heavy rain and wind, over 30 club members turned out for a fun evening.
Lynn spent the day preparing several dishes of fruit crumble and once at the clubhouse the double ovens were put to good use.
To make the quiz night a bit different and as I’m game for a laugh, I decided to wear fancy dress for the evening, after all the quiz master has to stand out!
The quiz was a mixture of general knowledge questions that tested the brains and teamwork. Once the quiz was completed it was time for the food to be served.
Lynn and I were busy in the galley but with help from others, everyone was treated to a bowl of hot fruit crumble and custard.
Later, once the tables were cleared, the quiz answers were given and a winning team was finally declared but only after a tie break question.
The question being . . How many Pom Pom’s were on the quiz masters outfit.
The answer . . .143. The Pope table being the eventual winners.

Thanks go to Lynn for food preparation, Thank you to all the helpers before & after,
and Ken for running the bar.
I took some photos during the ‘Do’, not perfect but a record of the night, I tried.

Tony Soc. Sec.

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