A potted history of Porthpean Sailing Club

Over the past few months we the committee have ‘met’ via Zoom to keep matters relating to the running of the club ticking over. Get togethers / Socials, have been hard to organise. However it was thought a good idea to have an evening looking at the history of Porthpean and how the sailing club came into being. Ken, our Sailing secretary, err volunteered to try and put together a collection of old photographs and old cine tapes relating to the club.

He did a fantastic job of gathering photo’s etc. So, by way of another Zoom evening we were able to gather in front of our computer screens and watch history unfold.

I’m sure we were all fascinated to see the first photo’s showing the area that is now the club being a Pilchard processing factory. As the years were shown in photo form it was interesting to see all the really old cars around the green, even an old double decker bus coming down the lane!

Boats of all makes were on the beach, some no longer seen at Porthpean. It was also noted that they were a hardy lot in those early days with not a wet suit in sight.

I know that it took a lot of organising, so on behalf of us all …

Well done Ken.


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