Prizegiving 2022

1. A Combination evening was arranged.

2. A Combination to celebrate the sails of 2021 and the start of the 2022 season.

3. A Combination of prizes to be collected and food to be eaten.

4. A combination of the fear of Coronavirus variants and a stormy evening.

The clubhouse had been readied, the trophies had been ordered and polished, and laid out for the presentation.
All that was required was the traditional clubhouse full of people gathering to celebrate the past seasons sailing and to chat about the future on the water.

Combination was the winner.

The evening turned out to be the worst attended ‘Do’ in the sailing clubs recent history. The depleted gathering still had a very enjoyable evening with a positive outlook overcoming the woes of Covid.

All we can hope for is a successful sailing season in 2022 and that life returns to normal for us all.

Now that would be a winning Combination.

Tony Dunn

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