Charlestown, Charles-town, Polmear history talk

What a fabulous evening we had on Friday when Lyndon Sid Allen, local historian came and gave us a talk on the history of Charlestown.

The event was very well attended and it was super to see so many faces that we don’t normally see for our sailing events.

We learnt about Rashleigh, Cookworthy, the early industries of copper and tin, how the harbour was constructed and repaired over the years.

Sid shared stories of his own ancestry in Charlestown and gave us all a snippet of his knowledge for just over an hour.

I’m sure we all learnt a great deal.

After a short interval Sid gave us a mini fun quiz on Charlestown’s history and after a quick count up, Rachel Hancock’s team won the prize of one of Sid’s books. A very enjoyable and informative evening was had by all who attended! 👏👏😀

Lyndon’s walking history tours are highly rated on Trip Advisor!  See more on Lyndon here: Walking Tours | Charlestown walking tours | England (

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