Fitting out supper

When the date is fixed for the start of the sailing season it also means that the Fitting Out Supper has to be organised for the eve of the first sail. 

The committee talked about using outside caterers to put on a cold buffet but it was decided that with a few volunteers it could be done in house.  Once the date was announced to the club membership, it wasn’t long before over 40 folk put their names down for a good night in the clubhouse. 

The 25th March soon came round and everyone gathered at the sailing club. 

Tony, Pete and Brian cooked a first class chilli to go with jacket potatoes. This was followed by fruit strudel and custard.  The meals were served up by the galley crew and a dedicated team. I must mention here that the food was not the only thing consumed. Ken was kept busy behind the bar serving an assortment of ales and other drinks. 

Once finished, all plates and dishes were cleared away and the scene was set for  part two of the evening. Stacey took over and ran a quiz for all. Using technology to good effect by having the questions flashed up on the large tv screen. Luckily there were no grand prizes to compete for as at the end the team scores were quiet low. Does that say something of the hard questions or the low IQ of the participants? 

However, it’s not the winning but the taking part that matters. ( Or so the saying goes ). There was even time for conversations to lean towards the sailing season only hours away. 

Thanks to all that put time and effort into making the evening a success. 

Good luck to all those that will be tackling St Austell bay  over the next few months, It’s going to be fun. 

Tony Dunn 

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